"HVAC Theft Is Real, Protect Your Investment With CageItUp"

Removing the Temptation of Theft by Restricting Access To What Is Valuable

Residential Cages

Residential HVAC Security Cages

CageItUp specializes in building residential HVAC security cages for AC units. We understand the needs of homeowners who are sick and tired of being victims of theft and our cages are built to keep thieves out. We let our work speak for itself with the photos of our residential cages.

Commerical Cages

Commercial HVAC Security Cages

Companies are no exceptions when it comes to HVAC theft. As a matter of fact thieves are more likely to steal the copper out of commercial HVAC units because they are bigger and usually have more copper in them.


HVAC Security Fences

CageItUp fences are perfect for the extra ordinary circumstances. Fences provide a service friendly feel for HVAC technicians. CageItUp fencing is able to protect every aspect of the outdoor compressor as well as any other areas where access needs to be restricted.