Commerical Cages

Commercial HVAC Security Cages

Companies are no exceptions when it comes to HVAC theft. As a matter of fact thieves are more likely to steal the copper out of commercial HVAC units because they are bigger and usually have more copper in them.

Watch CEO of CageItUp explain what sets them apart from other HVAC cage companies.

RTU roof top air conditioner Security cage

CageItUp fully enclosed expanded metal hinged doors

c fully enclosed expanded metal hinged doors

rtu security cage roof top air conditioner commercial hvac

Multi unit hvac cage air conditioner hvac

mini split hvac ductless air conditioner security cage

Industrial generator cage

Ground mounted seecurtiy cage rtu package unit

fully removable mini split ductless system security cage

full expanded metal hvac cage

expanded metal hvac cage air condtionre two ton unit

Copper line set cover guard custom cover security

Church hvac copper guard air conditioner aromr ac aromur copper theft

CageItUp RTU Full expanded metal roof top hvac

wall window air conditioner cage

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