Stolen HVAC

Stolen HVAC Units

If you do not want to be a victim of HVAC theft then we suggest you really think about how much money you will be losing if someone stole all your HVAC equipment right under your nose. Don’t let this happen to you, stop it before it’s too late.


Installing a chain linked fence to protect your HVAC units isn’t going to protect your investment.

Every day there are hundreds of homeowner, business owners, apartment complexes, town homes, corporations being victims of HVAC theft. This is a real threat to your property and you should not wait till it happens to you. Don’t think it can? Well these homeowner thought the same thing too until they became a victim of HVAC theft.

We custom build air conditioner cages to your unique specifications that gives you peace of mind for your home or business and to protect you from air conditioning theft, vandalism and copper theft.

What Are The Thieves After?

They are after the copper in your air conditioning unit. Copper can be sold for quick cash and as far as they are concerned every home has the potential to line their pocket with cash.

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Here are some more pictures of what we see when we come out to access the damage of HVAC theft…be warned it’s not pretty.