About Us

Cage It Up is a fast growing company based out of Atlanta, and we have a vision to use our talents and experience to cut back on metal theft, and make our community safe.

We are an experienced company, as well as experienced welders, and metal fabricators. We will be posting tips on how to keep your home secure, and we will also be giving home security advice. Follow our blogs for more information.

These HVAC units are a sitting duck for copper thieves. They have already stolen the copper line sets and within a matter of minutes these high cost HVAC units can be completely dismantled for their copper and you wouldn’t know what hit you.  Don’t wait until you are a victim of HVAC theft…CageItUp

 All in a days work

We service the following areas in Georgia.

  • Fulton/S. Fulton Co.
  • Fayette Co.
  • Coweta Co.

We accept most major credit cards.